Tom Jobling is a Music producer, mixer & sound engineer based at Cable Monkey Studios in Dorset and other studios in the South West. Tom has assisted and engineered for some of the best producers in rock & pop including Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Pixies, Opeth), Henry Heirsh (Lenny Kravits, Mick Jagger, Madonna), Paul Corkett (Bjork, Biffy Clyro, Placebo, The Heavy) & Artful (Artful Dodger). Tom has also had records released on EMI and Mercury Records.

“Its all about atmosphere and knowledge, if you play the right song in the right room and know how to capture it, suddenly you’ve got your self an awesome record!” (Tom Jobling)

Studios Tom has worked in
· Real World (UK)
· Rockfeild (UK)
· Water Front (NY, USA)
· Cable Monkey (UK)
· River Studios (UK)

Artists and bands Tom has worked with
· The Family Rain (Mercury, EMI Records)
· Samuel Jack
· Alibis (Island)
· Sorry About Shaun (Cable Monkey Records)
· Brian Conley
· Ben Waters
· Nick Tatham (The Voice)
· Stop Press
· Psalms
· Stone Donkey Pilots
· Porcelain
· Pete Robson
· The Shaken Angels
· Madam Speaker (Cayman Islands)
· Rebecca Chambers

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